Happy senior woman in summer gardening with flowers and herbs for planting

Fun Summer Activities for Seniors

It’s summer time! Three wonderful words that we love hearing every year. While each season brings its own set of fun activities and holidays, there is something about summer that puts a smile on everyone’s faces.  Wondering what to do this summer? Or how to engage a senior in your life? Below are 7 fun activities for you and a loved one to enjoy on a nice summer day. 

  1. Picnic(s)

Yeah, you read that right! Pack your picnic baskets, and call a few friends. It’s time to head to the local park! Beautiful trees can become your best shade. Not only will it be fun to spend some time with your friends, but it will help your soul to relax. It is always good to do something different. 

  1. Call it a day for fishing

You will not need a boat to go fishing. All that you need will be a dock that allows fishing. Get a cozy and comfy chair, take your favorite beverages in a cooler, and maybe music would do! Don’t forget, the air by the sea is immensely refreshing. You will love it! 

  1. Walk, walk walk

Not during the midday hours when the temperature is at it’s peak, but taking a stroll in the morning or evening hours is a fun way to stay active. Don’t forget that walking will not only help you or a loved one stay fit, but also has calming properties as well. 

  1. Book clubs

Not only can you join one, but can also start a senior book club of your own. For the reader inside you, wise words will serve as soul food. Get in touch with other seniors in your community and exchange books. 

Here’s a tip! Finish two books a month. One should be informative, while the other should be inspirational! This is an excellent way to build friendships based on the shared hobby of reading. 

  1. Gardening

Aren’t flowers beautiful? Take up a gardening initiative. You can plant flowers raised in flower beds as well as in pots. Both of them are extremely beautiful, and once you begin to see the results of putting your sincere efforts into something, you will be very proud of the accomplishment!

  1. Explore 

This summer, be a tourist in your town or take a senior loved one to see what their town has to offer! Every town has a history, and it is worth exploring. There are markets, synagogues, churches, parks, museums, and more. It will be a wonderful memory for not only you, but your loved one to cherish as well. 

  1. Board games are for all ages!

Do you have a couple of good friends in your community? Have a fun night of board games to not only keep your mind sharp, but to continue to make wonderful memories with your closest friends. Do you have a senior loved one who would enjoy board games? Find one that you think he or she will love and find a day/time each week to play! They will not only cherish the weekly time with you, but feel a sense of accomplishment by strategizing and discovering ways to win the game.

  1. Give a helping hand 

What is better than giving a helping hand? If physically able, volunteer to work at the local library, sports center, museum or humane society.  Spend your day around people and/or the animals that need our help and they will be forever grateful. 

What fun things do you have planned for the senior in your life this summer? Let us know if you try any of the above suggestions, we love hearing about your adventures! 

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