Our STAR Balloon Made It All The Way to Hastings, Michigan!

Earlier this month, our community let a balloon go in the sky with a message written on it. That message read “If found, please write a letter to the residents of Journey Senior Living (address on back). To our surprise, on Oct. 9th, our balloon landed at an elementary school in Hastings, MI! Here is what one staff member from the school had to say about the discovery:

“On October 9th, our school secretary just happened to glance out the window after school was dismissed on that Friday afternoon. As she was reflecting on the things that happened that day, she saw a bright blue balloon in the shape of a STAR land in our parking lot. She went outside to throw it away and noticed a note attached, “If found please write a letter to the residents of Journey Senior Living.”

This balloon was a message from above that was meant to be! It traveled 162 miles to find us! Ms. Allen was looking out the window at just the right time to see this star balloon land in our Star School parking lot. It made our day! Our students were so excited to tell their parents and to write letters and cards to these residents! They are so hoping to bring smiles to the faces of all who are there!

They are being mailed out today.”

The Channel 13 news also interviewed our community about the amazing event and we will be on the news 10/27 from 5-6pm. The STAR balloon traveled over 162 miles and landed at STAR Elementary School. How cool is that?!

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